#WhyIGiveBack Blog – Kirk Blackman

#WhyIGiveBack Blog – Kirk Blackman

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#WhyIGiveBack – Kirk Blackman

I truly believe it is important to give back to our community.  I feel that we have an obligation to make an impact (large or small) on the communities that we call home, work in, and/or worship in. While there is chaos and confusion  around the globe and need in so many places, how can we walk right past our neighbors. Building stronger communities by helping those in need has a cumulative positive effect on the people who reside and institutions that serve that particular community.

 We support Project GiveBack because the purpose is simple (provide food to those most in need), the process is streamlined and efficient, and the payoff is immediate; giving hope and encouragement to others so that they know that they have not been forgotten or written off.


I have been involved with Project GiveBack from its inception: first as a co-worker and Omega Brother of the Founder, Ransom Miller, III, then as a family with my wife and children, and now as a coordinator for our Church’s efforts in Prince Georges County. The moment that sticks with me the most was a few years ago while delivering a 30 pound box of food to a mother and her 2 daughters. As the daughters looked in the box the younger girl said “…look mommy, a Bible” and she jumped in a chair and started flipping through the Good Book!!




Kirk Blackman



Kirk Blackman is the Leader of the Men’s Ministry of the Prince George’s Community Church in Bowie, MD (www.pgcchurch.org).  Kirk also serves as the CEO of Blackman Financial Services (www.blackmanfs.com)