Mission and History of Project GiveBack



The mission of Project GiveBack is to provide a vehicle for corporate firms and professionals to give back to the communities where they work and live in by coordinating programs that benefit less fortunate individuals and families, with a focus on children. It is the intent of the organization to uplift communities around the United States mentally, spiritually, and economically.



The Project GiveBack Community Service Organization began as a food drive in the offices of Thompson, Cobb, Bazilio and Associates. As a professional staff member of this Washington, DC based accounting firm, Ransom Miller, III collected cash donations and canned goods throughout the fall months of 1995, and distributed food baskets to 6 families and one homeless shelter the week of Thanksgiving. The support Mr. Miller received was extremely positive and inspired him to make this food drive an annual event. With hopes of gaining a wide range of support and in an effort to separate this project from others, Miller named the food drive Project GiveBack. Through its annual Thanksgiving Food Distribution, Project GiveBack has been able to assist over 3,400 families in the Metropolitan Washington, DC Area.


Project GiveBack also supports the community through the following programs:


Children’s Toy Drive – provides toys for children in low income families


Children’s Easter Celebration – provides a safe and fun atmosphere for children in Southeast D.C. to celebrate the Christian meaning of Easter


Computer Sponsor Program – assists local schools and community organizations in the acquisition of more than 100 laptops and personal computers


Youth EXPOSURE Program - Effort to connect with students of various backgrounds. Our goal with this innovative program is to expose the students to a wide range of experiences that will provoke career aspirations, social ingenuity, and creative genius.


Over the years Project GiveBack has grown from a small group of concerned men and women to an organization that is positively impacting lives in several communities around the United States. Project GiveBack has coordinated events in Dallas, Texas, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Tulsa, Oklahoma, St. Louis, Missouri and Denver, Colorado.